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Do you want to know everything about your iOS device? iOptimizer is the ultimate application for getting to know your iPhone, iPad or iPod better. This program will give you access to hidden device information and let you explore every single detail.

iOptimizer monitors the performance of your device, so that you can configure it for optimal use. It will also help you find out everything about your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch both on the system and on the user level.

iOptimizer is powerful, intuitive, and extremely easy to set up and use.

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rated 4+

  • Category: Utilities
  • Released: Sep 28, 2013
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 11.4 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller:, Inc.
    © 2013, Inc.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2.2 or later

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  • A fresh new look and iOS7 support
  • iPad support.
  • Improve ‘Activity’ section
    - Add information about different types of memory – Free, Wired, Active, Inactive. This information will help users to understand meaning of numbers.
  • Improve ‘Processes’ section
    - Show Total count of launched processes
    - Sort Processes by Pid
    - Show the list of Running Applications
  • Improve ‘Battery’ section
    - Add ‘Charge time’. Time which is needed for full charging, according to battery level.
    - Add sound notification, when charging is ended (only if iOptimizer is running)
  • Improve ‘System’ information
    - Show all information in blocks: Device, Operating System, CPU, Disk Usage
    - Show more information about device and OS: Device, Model, User Given Name, UDID with a possibility to copy or send it
  • Improve ‘Network’ section
    - Divide information on blocks: One for WiFi network and one for Cellular network
    - Show indicator, what network is enabled now


iOptimizer monitors memory and CPU usage in real time, so that you can track the way you use your device.

  • Displays memory usage as a pie chart (free, wired, active and inactive memory)
  • Displays CPU usage as a diagram


With iOptimizer you no longer need to guess which processes are running on your iOS device.

  • Lists current running default applications
  • Lists all other running processes
  • Provides detailed information about running processes, including process name, runtime, and PID


iOptimizer will monitor your battery usage and will help you to never unexpectedly run out of battery.

  • Native graphical battery level display
  • Monitors battery state (charging, not charging, full, etc.)
  • Provides estimated battery work time for the following usage patterns:
    • Standby
    • Video and audio playback
    • Web browsing using Wi-Fi or 3G
    • Conversation time
  • Offers user-generated battery optimization tips


iOptimizer will let you know everything about your operating system version and make sure you never miss an important update. iOptimizer displays:

  • System uptime
  • Operating system version
  • Low-level system information (UDID, system name, model, etc.)
  • CPU and BUS frequency
  • Screen information (resolution, orientation, etc.)
  • Disk space usage information (total disk space, used disk space, available disk space)


With iOptimizer’s user location data you will never be lost in an unknown city.

  • Shows current location latitude and longitude
  • Displays current address
  • Displays user's location on the map


Monitor and configure your network connections. iOptimizer will show you:

  • 3G and Wi-Fi network connection information
  • IP and MAC address of the current connection
  • Available network services
  • Carrier information


Be in control of your videos, music and pictures.

  • Shows the number of photos and videos
  • Shows the number of tracks, songs, and playlists
  • Displays system folder location

Also the application includes user tips for battery optimization.